We’re hibernating

Bear Has a Story to Tell by Philip and Erin Stead, features a bear who is getting ready for the big sleep. Winter sleep. Not the forever one.

Despite being really very sleepy, Bear helps his friends to get ready for winter, one by one. And in the end Bear himself succumbs to the temptation of sleep. (I suspect this is another of those adult schemes to get young readers to fall asleep.)

And he sleeps. And then he wakes up again, and he sees his friends again, and he tells them the story he was just too tired to tell back in the autumn.

Philip C Stead and Erin E Stead, Bear Has a Story to Tell

This is such a lovely picture book, and Bear is the perfect friend, and it all works out in the end. Even if he did fall asleep on the job.

Hang on! Could this be an excuse for those embarrassing occasions when the adult reader falls asleep before the younger person who’s job it really was to close their eyes and snore? It’s been known to happen. Sometimes.


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