Going up

I’m the first to admit I’ve almost overdone the ‘house and interiors’ thing recently. It could be the fifty-something itch.

Going bookstairs

I was very taken with these stairs, and decided I wanted some like them. But do I? They look fantastic, but might you grow tired of seeing the same book spines every time you go upstairs? I was going to add ‘or downstairs’ but common sense raised its clever head and I realised you don’t see the risers on your way down. (Unless you are me, carrying heavy stuff, in which case I do walk downstairs backwards.)

Anyway, if I did instruct someone to paint me some spines; what books would I choose? Should they try and look real, or would anything do? Alphabetical? Colour co-ordinated?

Fifteen steps. Fifteen ‘books.’

And everything had better be correctly spelled…

7 responses to “Going up

  1. No way. The minute you finished you’d find another wonderful book, far more deserving of a place than anything you’ve read so far, and you’d have to start all over again.

    Still, the idea of risers painted in rainbow colours is intriguing . . .

  2. Help Me Help Holly ♥

    Hmm it’s a tough one. I think the stairs look fantastic and if I had stairs I would love something like this, but oh, like you say, how to choose which books?? Good luck narrowing it down!

  3. Kicki Eriksson-Lee

    Nah, I like book towers so much more than book steps. What’s next? Book chairs, book table, book bed? Why not, we already have book shelves, book ends, macbooks, book bags and book lists…

  4. Oh, Bookwitch, what a temptress you are to bring this to our attention just when we’re trying to decide between boring old magnolia and off-white…
    I do like these stairs but as you say, how on earth would you choose?
    Do let us know if you do go down this route… or should that be ‘up’?

  5. Carol Robinson

    I have 39 steps! Any ideas?

  6. Yes! The novels of John Buchan, including The 39 Steps. Or photos from the film(s).

  7. Jane, I have remembered I have a stair carpet…
    No magnolia! Off-white every time.

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