Slow and giggling

It’s amazing what fun it can be to revisit an interview! Unless I’ve been talking to someone really boring (pretty rare) all my victims have had interesting stuff to tell me. But it’s as if my mind goes blank in the aftermath. Traumatised?

Between the meeting and typing the whole thing out, I always forget just how many thoughtful and/or amusing answers to my often downright weird questions they had. So I might be sitting there listening and typing away and feeling ‘oh, I will be doing this for weeks…’ but I am also enjoying myself.

Sometimes more so than when it happened, because in the comfort of my own home it’s easier to relax than when I’m facing new bars or publicists with diligent time keeping. Or the couple of – embarrassing – times when you run out of questions before you have used up the allotted time.

Adrian McKinty

My current ‘typing chore’ is so funny and entertaining. I’m also realising I’ve lied to you a little about something he said, but I think I’ll just leave it as it stands.

The drawback is that I’m slow, and that you have to wait for the results. But at least I’m giggling while hogging the slow lane of blogging.

So hang in there! It will be done. One day.


2 responses to “Slow and giggling

  1. I guess I saw this on my email last night, because I didn’t get which author you were talking about. Get typing, woman!

  2. Yes, miss.
    I was trying to ‘hide’ my lack of speed with Adrian (by blogging about it, you know) by not drawing attention to the fact that it was him. Other than the photo.
    Will get back to it now. He does talk a lot, though. Just saying.

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