Binge reading

Why am I such an idiot? (Only answer that if you’re going to be nice to me.)

I’ve been getting too carried away with reviewing, and doing so as close to the publication date as I can, feeing stupidly unhelpful when I post a review six or twelve months afterwards. I tell myself no one objects to a review of their book, whenever it happens. But you know, I’m good on guilt.

So, with a view to changing my behaviour, I stared at my TBR piles, and thought ‘I’ll begin with all my favourites or books I know for certain will be top notch.’ How that will go is anyone’s guess, but for today, my sixth birthday, I am indulging in Hilary McKay. I have been stringing her darling Casson books out for far too long. I shall binge!

For someone who as a child would neither save her sweets nor share them with others, I don’t know why I’m not bingeing all the time. (I suppose I do. I’m an idiot.)

Velvet by Debi Gliori

Before my interview with Debi Gliori a few years ago, I Strega-binged over a relatively short time, to make sure I had read all the Pure Dead books; the better to interrogate her.

And thinking back to that happy spring, I don’t reckon I’ve suffered any ill effects.

Perhaps I don’t need to dole out a book per annum when I happen to have some lovely stashes of ‘I know I will love these’ books?

Hilary today, and then who knows?

Although I am aware that some new favourites might have gone undiscovered if I’d only stuck to certainties. I shall have to improvise. Old books, new books. Anything that’s good.

I’ve been feeling a bit blue. I will treat myself to a four-author book event later today, and that snow had better not get in my way!!!


5 responses to “Binge reading

  1. Happy birthday!

    I have book binges now and again as a treat – and sometimes avoid beginning a series I think I will like (Hilary Mantel’s, for example) so I can read them right through in one delicious gulp.

    The downside, though, is that if an author has a favourite and recurring phrase or two, it stands out much more this way – can be quite irritating.

  2. Thanks Ann! Was not at all expecting to see my name here today, but it was very cheering to find it!

  3. PS Personally speaking, I love long-after-publication reviews. Just when you are beginning to think a book is forgotten it’s so nice to hear that it isn’t. Not stupidly unhelpful- exactly the opposite.

  4. Hope the publishers think so too. Still remember the one who said of my (older book) request that they weren’t interested in publicising that book right now.

  5. Anyway, I’ve got sandwiches to pack for this evening, and I need to find some courage somewhere, as I just began reading the latest book by one of the four and I’m so scared I can barely breathe. I usually take books to read on trains, to calm me down. This one I could possibly have the whole train in a panic with.
    Calm down. It’s only a book. Calm down…

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