An Irishman from Down Under

Adrian McKinty

He talks a lot, that Adrian McKinty. And after I’ve pruned and edited, he still talks a lot, but that’s as it should be. He’s fun to listen to, and what if he rambles? He’s Irish, and if he didn’t have so much to say, maybe his books wouldn’t be worth reading?

Before we met for this interview in London in January, I was afraid I wouldn’t like him. Liking his books so much, surely something would turn out to be wrong?

Only wrong thing I could think of what that he was idiot enough to wear only a hoodie, with snow forecast. So maybe he talked as much as he did to keep warm?

After all, he rambled for almost two A4 pages (if you can accept that as a measure of talking) before stopping to ask ‘what was the question?’ But who am I to insist on my questions when someone entertains me so effortlessly?

Here it is. The slowly typed up rambles of my favourite Irish boy in all of Melbourne…

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