Far Rockaway

Oh wow! This really is the perfect way to write a book. You pick characters from your favourite books and put them in a new story. Simple. Or perhaps not.

At first I was quite cynical both about Charlie Fletcher using classic characters in his book Far Rockaway, but also having his heroine Cat exist in two ‘realities.’ The book begins with Cat being hit by a fire truck, and the rest of the book is about her fight to survive.

Most of Cat’s fight for survival is done in the settings of old classics, with some very well known characters showing up. And to be frank, I thought that seemed a bit over the top. But I changed my mind, very quickly.

It would have helped to have read Last of the Mohicans, which to my shame I have to admit I haven’t. And now I feel I might need to. So that is clever. Not only do you want to read Far Rockaway, but it will make you interested in reading in general, and in the ‘featured’ classics in particular.

Charlie Fletcher, Far Rockaway

What happens to Cat in her adventures with these borrowed people, is mirrored in what happens to her in the hospital, where she is being operated on, and where it is touch and go for a long time.

It was her beloved grandfather Victor who tried to push her out of the way of the truck, and he too was injured. She meets him in her dream-like adventure, because he’s the one who has always encouraged Cat to read. Now she needs to work out what to do, to try and get them both out of there and safely home.

And quite possibly to Far Rockaway.

There can be no better way to revisit old favourites. I’ve been back to childhood again. (And it goes without saying that I borrowed my classics from the library.)


5 responses to “Far Rockaway

  1. Hey you really made me want to read this one … have noticed lately that your reviewing style increasingly feels targeted at authors. Hurray for me!

  2. I am NOT targetting anyone! Only the prospective reader, and if that happens to be you, so much the better. The thing that surprised me was that it has been out in hardback and I’d never even heard of it. This is the pb.
    Charlie is doing an event for Blackwells in Edinburgh tonight, but I have been informed it’s sold out. Other Edinburghians can stand on the pavement outside, hoping for something to rub off on them.

  3. I agree this sounds like a must-have. Why have I never heard of it/

  4. So, we’re all agreed we didn’t know?
    This is all swashbuckling and modern family life in one handy volume.

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