Raven Hearts

Kitty Slade has moved on since Divine Freaks, almost two years ago (that’s in Bookwitch time), and here she is, in deepest Yorkshire, where they don’t speak in the same way.

Fiona Dunbar, Raven Hearts

Some things never change, though, like the ghosts which Kitty sees every day. Think Yorkshire Moors and ghosts, and you have a most interesting set-up. Kitty and Sam and Flossie and their unusual, and very Greek, granny are travelling the country, as they stop off for some Yorkshire ghosts on their way to Scotland.

But the funny thing is that for all the reported and unexpected deaths in the area, Kitty sees surprisingly few ghosts. Are people simply not as dead as they could be?

She has to investigate, and some things go well, and others not so. Kitty also acquires a new ‘best friend’ and she shows off her ‘London ways’ to the astonished natives. There is a sinister looking black bird following Kitty around. What does it want, and is she in danger? And what about the dogs in the night?

As always with Fiona Dunbar, this is an intelligently written, humorous book. It’s the kind of story I imagine any young reader of a certain age would love, and we don’t see enough of them. And I’d like to think we could find out what adventures the intrepid quartet will encounter in Scotland, but I understand the six books featuring Kitty Slade have shrunk to four, and Raven Hearts is the fourth, so that’s it. We’ll simply have to conjure up our own Scottish ghosts.

We just won’t do it so well.

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