The Book of Doom

Satan has added an extension. There is now a tenth circle down below. It’s all very hush-hush, though.

The disappointing thing about The Book of Doom is that Barry Hutchison only lets us meet the four horsemen for a moment. I loved those horsemen. The really good thing about The Book of Doom is that Barry has a few other characters worth meeting instead. This Afterworlds series grows on a person. (Not that there was ever any doubt…)

And it really is true that there is less difference between the people upstairs and the people downstairs. I wouldn’t buy a used car from any of them. My tip to you for reading this book is that every little detail counts. If it is there, it will have some significance later.

Barry Hutchison, The Book of Doom

Zac is a thief. He gets called upon by Gabriel to find The Book of Doom, which Satan has stolen. He gets paired off with the half-angel Angelo, who comes with him to help find the way to Hell. Angelo is not as good at this as you’d think. But getting lost can have its advantages, and meeting a Valkyrie is not a bad thing.

There are a lot of Hells, really. They visit a few of them, until they get to the tenth circle. Which is not a nice place. Nor are the people there nice. But you’d expect that. There are other things you might not expect.

The lesson here is that you can find goodness anywhere. Heaven isn’t necessarily the best place for it. Even God had enough and left. Being a thief doesn’t have to mean you’re bad. And friendship grows when you least expect it.

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