Dress up, donate and enjoy WBD

The head teacher came as Bob the Builder, and Daughter was Hermione Granger. That was eleven years ago (and I remember the day well, because it ended so dramatically) and was probably the last WBD dressing up we engaged in. It is, of course, only WBD in the UK, but that’s fine. It is, of course, tomorrow, but I was thinking you need time to decide what to wear and some time poking a knife into the piggy bank for your donation.

Book Aid International

Until they told me about it, I didn’t know about Book Aid International, ‘a charity which increases access to books and supports literary, education and development in sub-Saharan Africa. They  provided 516,138 new books to over 2,000 libraries last year and have sent more than 30 million books to partner libraries since 1954.

Book Aid International

One of their biggest fundraising initiatives takes place on World Book Day each year. Hundreds of schools across the country dress up as their favourite book characters to help raise money. They raised over £75,ooo in 2012 which was their biggest fundraiser to date.’

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this sounds great. Our library situation at home isn’t good, but it hasn’t yet reached African levels.

I’d like these smiling children to have more books. They look just like our ‘own’ children; happy and open and interested. The teenagers look quite teenager-y, so we have more in common than you’d think. And we all like reading. The trouble for us is that we’ve taken it for granted.

Book Aid International

When tomorrow comes, put on your witchiest outfit and give a little money if you can. They can’t accept our second hand books, so if like me you have surplus of that kind, sell them to friends and neighbours and send in the money. A bit Blue Peter-ish.

(And I seriously like the outfits worn by the boys/men in the vimeo picture above!)


4 responses to “Dress up, donate and enjoy WBD

  1. They aren’t really smiling, but it’s probably because they have nothing to read.

  2. The teenagers look like teenagers. The smiley children are actually in the vimeo. I got all my faces mixed up.
    But yes, some more books and there will be more smiles. Happy parents, too.

  3. Mmm. Not sure my office will let me dress up as a witch but I might be able to get people to buy a book or two for Book Aid – lovely cause.

  4. Bob the Builder is always nice.

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