You already know I get a lot of books. So does the postman, because he carries them here, and he needs to ring the doorbell to hand over all those packets too fat for the letterbox.

One day recently, I was upstairs, working. I heard the postman arrive, but he didn’t ring, so I remained where I was. Silly me.

There was some thumping, but I imagined things were under control. Silly me.

I forgot all about it, until lunch or some other mundane reason propelled me downstairs. I looked at the hall floor, where the postal offerings were spread out. Something didn’t look quite right.

The jiffy and the book

Oh yeah, there was a very crumpled jiffy bag. More like an inside-out jiffy. On the other side of the hall lay a book. Fairly thick hardback, it was. It had been ‘undressed.’

As with so many other odd things, you couldn’t expect to achieve this kind of result if you tried. But many weird things happen by accident. (The Grandmother regularly persuades jigsaw pieces to jump into her cardigan pockets.)

Postman message

So, the postman unpacked my post for me. All that remained was to bin the jiffy bag and to put the book somewhere safe.

It was a Thursday, so not one of my usual postmen. That’s probably why he assumed I was out (with no car on the drive, how could there possibly be a human inside the house?) and didn’t try knocking or ringing.

5 responses to “De-jiffied

  1. That is bizarre! Are you going to complain?

  2. No point. They might retaliate and I’d get NO books at all. Anyway, nothing was damaged, apart from the unfortunate jiffy. It was more weird.
    Speaking of empty drives; yesterday the car wasn’t at home, so next door’s builders happily blocked the entrance with their vehicles. No car definitely means no one at home. I went out and informed them the car was about to arrive.

  3. Sounds like you need inflatable people standing at the window to make it clear to all these white van types that there are people around! Perhaps the mailman knew you well enough to do that … I keep thinking though that it could have been some expensive electronic thing!

  4. Kicki Eriksson-Lee

    I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to open other people’s post. Even if you are a postman, or perhaps even more so!

  5. My last two books delivered by Royal Mail were placed in my ‘black bin’. I was lucky enough to be given a card telling me so, but it took a while to find the second which in its black plastic delivery suit had slid to the bottom of my less than clean bin.

    I wonder what would your postman have done if the content of the package was illegal. Is it the same as an eye for an eye, one illegal act allows another?

    I did complain about my bin saga and was told no response on first complaint. The next day I had another card though my door …. how exciting … this time they failed to tell me where they’d hidden the parcel. GREAT! And yes, I did search the bin again …. but a different postman, a different ‘safe’ place.

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