What I need now

Books. Obviously I don’t mean more books. I mean time to sit down with books and read. Something to soothe a whirling witch’s brain. (That’s whirling brain. Not whirling witch.)

And tea. Not last thing, because then the witch’s brain really does whirl.

Books and tea

I like this pile of books with the cup on top. I have a cup just like it. Six, in actual fact. It’s a 1960s collectible and I keep it safe(ish) somewhere far away. So the tea will have to appear in something else. And my books aren’t quite as prettily pastel coloured, but their contents will be just lovely.

I’ve had a couple of intense days, and I could really do with some books and tea and nothing.

4 responses to “What I need now

  1. Hope you get your wish. Happy Easter.

  2. Not yet…
    Happy Easter to you too, Seana.

  3. Do hope you find tea-and-books time: you deserve it. Really love the poster!

  4. When I sat down to read – very briefly – just before going to bed last night, I was surprised to find the aching neck suddenly felt a lot better. Perhaps I shall ignore all chores today and read…

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