Silly me. Here it’s been business as usual. I’ve posted reviews and sent in links to people afflicted by them. And they’re all at the London Book Fair!

Maybe I really should go one day. Next time. Or not. I have been told it’s not for the likes of me. Bloggers. Insignificant people. But I could always just stare lovingly at all the real people. Even Son considered going, until he discovered so much work that actually needed doing, that he was unable to. You know, I could have bumped into someone who almost likes me.

London Book Fair, by The View From Here

Received an invitation to Canada House, in anticipation of the LBF. Had to decline. This was my second such event, and I’m not at all sure what got me onto their list in the first place. I think I worked it out last time, and then I forgot it again. So I still haven’t a clue.

What I feel I’d want to know if I were to plan a day there, is which day to go. I’d like to see people I’d like to see. And I am reluctant to ask each and every possible victim when they are intending to go, or even if they are. Sounds a little stalker-ish.

So I expect it’d be pot luck.

6 responses to “LBF

  1. Who on earth told you that it wasn’t for the likes of you? It’s entirely for the likes of you. And I bet any day you’d go there would be treasure.

  2. I am also wary of and slightly intimidated by the prospect of the LBF, Ann, so you’re not on your own. I think it’s a Northern thing. We’re far less inclined to network and go and socialise. Maybe next year, eh?

  3. The thing about LBF is that not many authors go – it’s primarily a trade event. That doesn’t mean NO authors go, because a few (usually high profile ones) do because they’re ‘Author of the Day’ (which seems a short career) or the likes. It’s more a fair for publishers doing business with each other.
    I’m told BookExpo in New York is very different – that the thing to do there is to take a rucksack and see just how many proof copies you can stuff into it before you leave. Elbow spikes are apprently a worthwhile investment. Anyway, I’m going this year (end of May) and will report back.

  4. Seana, I can’t tell you that. I think it’s someone who has now stopped reading Bookwitch, but I still can’t say. But thank you for being such a Supportive Sister.

    Marnie, we can hold hands next time. Maybe set up a corner for the less worthy to sit and cry in every now and then.

    Keith, how very dare you?? Can I come and sit in your rucksack (before you stuff it with books)? I won’t be using my elbow spikes just then, so could lend them to you.

  5. If you go please let me know and I’ll be rooting for you hourly. I’m in two minds about the York Festival of Writing. Clearly if I were ever to be fortunate enough to be published I’d be rubbish at the promotional tour…

  6. Yes, hiding in a cupboard, muttering how rubbish your writing is, is so much easier. Always assuming you have a cupboard.
    York? Just go.

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