Like Clockwork parts 2 and 3

I do. I mean, I did. Last night. I liked it. Just before bedtime was not the best of times for reading about machines that think – and attack – but I had finally got my paws on parts two and three and couldn’t resist. That’s despite me being halfway through another excellent read.

You may recall that I blogged about the first part of Like Clockwork some time ago. Then I received the second part as a pdf, but I hate reading on a computer screen so much that I just never got round to reading. I begged an ebook version instead, which is what I devoured in the middle of the night.

Oh, the ‘thrill’ of having to wait for more instalments! It must be akin to what Dickens used to put people through, and I don’t see why Damien M Love should do this to me. It’s calculating. It’s cruel. Leave readers hanging off cliffs (or worse) and see how they feel. (Ready to buy the next part, I suppose.)

Anyway, Alex and his Grandfather have escaped to ***, where they encounter more of these *** and as they try to get away…

The thing is, even bad baddies are people. These machines are not, and this notches up the creepiness levels considerably.

I’ve got halfway, and I can’t work out what will happen next. But all three cliffhangers have hung pretty good, so my hopes are high.

And that’s not all that is high. You should have seen when they were…


One response to “Like Clockwork parts 2 and 3

  1. I think the last part is for sale today. Hurry while stocks last!
    I will be reading while the sun shines.

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