These two – no longer so recent – books by Michael Foreman are about saving your world. Newspaper Boy and Origami Girl deals with one kind of problem, while Superfrog and the Big Stink features a totally different situation.

Superfrog – which is probably for slightly younger readers – lives in an idyllic corner of the world, until there is a bit of a stink coming his way. Rubbish floats down the river. People become unwell.

Michael Foreman, Superfrog and the Big Stink

In Pied Piper fashion Superfrog leads hordes of children to the people who are misbehaving, ruining the environment. And they convince the ‘bad guys’ to repent and improve. (As a very old person I wish I thought this would be possible, but it is a lovely idea, which will hopefully inspire children.)

In Newspaper Boy and Origami Girl, Joey the newspaper boy is the victim of a crime. But when all seems lost, he suddenly discovers Origami Girl (who ‘lives’ in his newspaper bag). She helps him set things right, and while they are sorting out Joey’s smaller crime problem, they also deal with a larger scale one.

Michael Foreman, Newspaper Boy and Origami Girl

Joey is a hero, and Origami Girl disappears back into his bag. Until next time.

Very satisfying book about dealing with bullies. The power of newspapers? (Good version, obviously. Not you know who.)


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