Och, aye

More like ‘oh, no,’ actually.

Seeing as your Bookwitch has left the country again (that’s England), it might be appropriate to look at what awaits the hopeful immigrant north of the border.

Theoretically, at least, us foreigners seem to know a lot more about all kinds of things than the natives do. But there are limits. (Surely you can’t deep fry a …?)

I recently took a small sample of the – possibly – future Scottish citizen test, and well… It didn’t go that well.

Do you think they will allow me in with 11 out of 16?

(The odd thing is that I can now see 17 questions, but I am very sure I got 11 out of 16.)

As long as no one kisses me.

8 responses to “Och, aye

  1. I tried it and got nine, which is pretty good considering I live nowhere near Scotland, but bad since I do have Scottish ancestry. I think the Scottish sensibility pulled me through some of them.

    Yes, there were sixteen answers because one of them was a fake question.

  2. kelvingrove2013

    I would contend that the answer given re Loch Ness is wrong anyway, so if you said Nessie give yourself an extra point.

  3. You can come and visit, Seana.
    Ah, the fake question doesn’t count?
    I would never say Nessie! She exists. And all the little Nessies.

  4. I really did not know that the Scots were Frenchified enough to eat Camembert in any state. Of course, I was forgetting that whole Mary Queen of Scots connection.

  5. Oui.
    My lunch today was falafels, hoummus and avocado salad. In the sunshine, outside very ancient castle.

  6. Braveheart days, these are not.

  7. I scored 13. I do live here, but am English. I am pleased to say that I got the sausage and drug questions wrong and certainly dispute the Loch Ness one!

    Seana, we have all the foods that other European countries have – you just can’t deep fry honeycomb 🙂

  8. You know that because you tried?

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