Blame My Brain – the review

I can safely say I have never felt the urge to crawl into a supermarket trolley. And doing so with vodka, would appear to make it more crowded, so I don’t really think I will bother. While on the subject of trolleys and supermarkets, I enjoyed visualising Mr M and his wife out hunter gathering in their local Sainsbury’s. (Wine and cheese hunted down by Mr M, and porridge oats successfully gathered by the wife, as she’s been programmed to do. Or so I imagine.)

Mr M’s wife, Nicola Morgan, has written a book about brains, as humorously as ever. It’s a bit of a trademark of hers; humour and wit. And lots of it. There is a new edition out of Blame My Brain, which contrary to what I’d imagined has actually been written for the teenagers themselves. Those with the brains in question.

It explains a lot, including why I was a perfect teenager (as elaborated on here by Nicola yesterday), and why I am also such a perfect parent. It’s not easy (actually, it is) but someone has to be.

BMB is very interesting, and should be extremely helpful to those in need. Teenagers with teenage brains, and their parents who have already forgotten what it was like to have one.

There is science to base almost every fact on, and the best thing is that even if you don’t fit the stereotype, it doesn’t matter. The world has a use for all sorts of people; the perfect ones, and those temporarily a little bit odd. (I believe that’s the one with the vodka in the trolley.)

I can’t decide who will benefit the most from reading BMB. The young person who needs reassurance that they are totally normal, or the unsympathetic oldies who don’t think they are. Both probably.

And seeing as you not only get better at something by doing it – repeatedly – but you can learn to do quite a bit of it by watching someone else do it, I’d say us oldies have a duty to perform, and to do it well. That way we will be looked after by someone in our even older age. Someone looking after us as well as we do our own oldies.

Or some such theory.

(At no time when chased by a lion have I felt so depressed that I have fallen asleep. Which could be why I’ve made it this far.)

6 responses to “Blame My Brain – the review

  1. You’ve never had the urge to crawl into a supermarket trolley? Or as we call them, shopping carts? Really? Forget the vodka–that’s the first thing that any kid wants to do on seeing one. Sure, the urge passes at around the age of thirty. But still.

  2. I think you’ve sold me on this book. But will it help me recover my long lost brain?

  3. Seana – now you fully understand what a weirdo I am. (If those trolleys had existed when I was a toddler, I’d have loved to sit in the child seat and be pushed around by a responsible adult. But that probably doesn’t count. And we didn’t have them then.)

    Candy – no it won’t. But you can see why your children do those really strange things they do. They’re not as insane as you’d been thinking they are. (Although, considering your eldest was embarrassed to hear you call me a witch, you’ve clearly done very well with your offspring anyway. I mean, how was he to know you weren’t calling me names?)

  4. What a brilliant book. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I need extra copies for my poor beset friends. I only had it 4 hours before one of them nicked it. I’m going to buy it instead of Christmas cards next year.

  5. Yes.
    What kind of crummy friend is that? 😉
    But yes, will make very good Christmas card.
    It’s nice finally finding out why X does what he/she does.

  6. Hilary – thank you! I’m so glad you liked it and found it useful! 🙂

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