More Eoin noir

It could be that Eoin Colfer’s Screwed is a better crime novel (strictly adults only!) even than his Plugged was. Or it could be that I have got used to the sweet creator of Artemis Fowl using such foul language and generally writing noir crime novels. Funny. But dark, and bloody.

Then there is second book syndrome. It could be that. Somehow I’m happier when I know my characters and their friends and foes. So, I enjoyed Screwed very much.

Dan McEvoy is that typical noir hero; rough and capable, while still lovely and intelligent (well, so so…) and caring. I was surprised to find him hankering after the crazy woman upstairs. Or maybe I wasn’t.

Eoin Colfer, Screwed

In one short day, which starts so well, a lot of very bad things happen to Dan. But he gives as good as he gets, so some people will live – if they’re lucky – to regret messing with him.

He meets his grandmother in what must be one of the book’s funniest moments. It made me wonder if I’d forgotten something about Dan’s personal background, or if we simply weren’t told last time round.

I have great hopes for the female cop, who is shaping up nicely. But then Dan is surrounded by women, be they the law or family, mad neighbours or pretty waitresses. Or the porn stars and film crew.

Basically, everyone would like to kill our hero. The crooks, the police, more crooks, the beautiful Swede, the Irish (probably). Having a crazy ‘best friend’ seems to be standard noir issue, and isn’t that internet a wonderful thing? Twitter, especially.

I want more of this. (But it’s not exactly for the eyes of the Resident IT Consultant.)

2 responses to “More Eoin noir

  1. Hi Bookwitch- you are the best. Thanks for the kind words. I am a delicate sort so it means a lot. I will not be cross with my kids tonight because of you. I’m kidding of course: I will totally be cross.

  2. Give them a good hiding from me… I mean, kiss them. Or get Mrs Colfer to do it.

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