Moving tales #3

Can you hound people out of their homes?

I ask, because on our recent trip north, I found my dream street. It is not the area I first had in mind when I came up with this moving idea. Nor does it offer the kind of house I first coveted. Or the views. Or even the distance to ‘the middle,’ which is that vague spot that covers the railway station and M & S.

There is only one problem with the street I have fallen for. It has no houses for sale. So, do I leaflet the houses, suggesting there are far nicer places people could move to?

I had this idea much earlier, when I came across what is now my second favoured area. Actually, this ‘area’ now consists of primarily one house. Perhaps I could haunt it? Though, haunting would go better with the newly discovered street, seeing as it’s next to a graveyard.

This means Daughter will never come and visit. Which would be a shame.

It’d be quiet, though. And sort of old, and nicely different. Aunt Scarborough’s only comment was that she finds the street rather twisty when she has to give someone a lift there in her car.

The Grandmother remarked that she knows an old lady in one of the houses…

But there can be no haunting or hounding without some effort at the current home end. We need someone to suggest to us that there are better places to live. It’s back to more getting rid of stuff.

3 responses to “Moving tales #3

  1. Why don’t you just start moving in and see what happens?

  2. As usual you have hit your head on the spot! I don’t know why I didn’t just ask you what to do.
    If I smile it will make me look friendly…

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