A Romantic Job

Caroline Lawrence, The Case of the Pistol-Packing Widows

Or The Case of the Pistol-Packing Widows, as Caroline Lawrence’s third P K Pinkerton Mystery is officially called. That sounds good, too, but nowhere near as satisfying as all this romance stuff.

It’s funny. P K finds kissing disgusting, and there is a fair bit of that going on in Carson City, where he/she has gone on a case. It appears to be yet another ‘romantic job,’ which is tedious for this rational detective, but it pays well. So P K leaves Ping to mind the shop in Virginia City, and goes off to see about widows and other unusual females.

I loved this adventure, where P K is almost growing up; learning about legislation, learning shorthand and coming to realise that whereas never having time to yourself can feel bad, the opposite is not necessarily better. (I know that feeling well!)

This is another great history lesson disguised as a fast-paced and funny crime western. I could barely put it down, and I suffered when P K suffered, and triumphed when he/she did. (One ‘clew’ for you; we learn which it is in this book. Is P K a boy? Or a girl?)

Those widows are really something. Is the pistol-packing one good or bad? Who is killing all those men? And can P K trust his/her old friends? As ever, P K also makes new friends, and it seems that if you know your Bible, you can always count on making decent and true new friends.

The endings of the first two mysteries were more than satisfying. The finale of this one is extremely funny and just what I would have hoped for. Not too much, and not too little. (Of – you know – what…)

Please let there be many more!

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