Judith Kerr is 90

Judith Kerr

And I’m very glad she is. I’m grateful she was able to leave Germany 80 years ago, and that she was able to make a good life for herself in her new country. Some immigrants are now so old and established, and above all, so well loved that people forget about their foreign beginnings.

I wish that could be said for all who seek safety in this ‘paradise.’

Judith has given us Mog and, although we never got properly acquainted with it, a pink rabbit. The world is a better place for it, even before we factor in tigers who come for tea and other outlandish ideas.

A quick internet trawl for pictures of Judith – before using my own, slightly wobbly one – tells me she looks great in pink. I’m glad she had draped herself in pink the day I met her.

Lovely lady, and fantastic books for all to enjoy for years to come.

3 responses to “Judith Kerr is 90

  1. There was a lovely interview with her (in German, mostly) on NDR Kultur on Friday – as the granddaughter of a refugee, I’ll always be very grateful myself.

  2. So what is her German like? I’ve known people who almost went out of their way to ‘forget.’

  3. Pretty good – just some issues with vocabulary. She also had a fairly distinct English accent. The interview’s here: http://www.ndr.de/ndrkultur/programm/sendungen/klassik_a_la_carte/kerr107.html (Alas, without the music – they played one of her mother’s compositions, which was very interesting. And her story of how she started writing “When Hitler stole Pink Rabbit” because her son thought Sound of Music was an accurate reflection of her experiences is also very entertaining!).

    I’m also familiar with the ‘forgetting’ phenomenon – among other cases, it’s also the reason my father doesn’t speak a word of German, and part of the reason I do. My grandfather refused to speak it for almost fifty years, but went to Israel and then Berlin in the mid-80s and discovered he hadn’t forgotten the language after all. I’d just started learning when he died, but knowing he and German had been reconciled was a fairly major factor in my keeping going with it.

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