Vintage books

I didn’t know the Resident IT Consultant wasted time on the more frivolous end of the Guardian Weekend. Seems he does. It’s this house business that’s getting even to his normally levelheaded mind.

He came and waved the Weekend at me one recent Saturday morning, wondering if by any chance we still had those old Penguins we found in a Swedish countryside fleamarket years ago?

Apparently you can decorate with them. The Weekend team had done up someone’s boring front room. (Although I didn’t think it was bad at all.) I suspect they started with the rug. Many of the accessories they put in the room matched the slashes of colour from the rug.

That will be why they used Penguins to decorate. The nice orange and the nice blue went perfectly with the rug. Except the books sat on a ladder on the wall. And if you need such colour coordinated vintage books to put in your home, their advice is to try eBay.

Here I am, with too many books to even dream of displaying a handful of them on an old ladder cut in two! I have to admit, it looked good. But Penguins from eBay! Honestly. They would have to be the only books in that home. You just couldn’t have a display like that and then keep ‘real’ books on real shelves elsewhere?

What if someone tried to have a conversation with you about what’s in the books, rather than what beautiful colours they come in?

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