At the Atkinson

I can’t quite let go yet. I need to show you some more of my holidays snaps. Sorry, I mean photos from my literary trip to Southport on Tuesday.

Library, The Atkinson

All I could remember from my one other visit was the long pier, with sand underneath it. Sand with no water on top. It was a disappointing seaside, as far as I was concerned.

But whereas the pier was the same as before, it came with a nice, traditional seaside town attached. Or possibly the other way round. For miles before we arrived there were those brown tourist attraction road signs, all mentioning Lord Street, as though I should have heard of it.

I should have. It was lovely. Wide and Victorian and with trees and ornaments and greenery and benches. I could have spent a long time there (but ‘unfortunately’ I had a book award to go to…), so I might have to return one day. Better prepared, for one thing.

Foyer, The Atkinson

The Atkinson is the town’s newly refurbished arts centre, and how lucky the Southportians are to have something like it. Theatre, library, museum and bakery, among other things. The bakery wasn’t open yet, so I can’t enlighten you as to exactly what it is.

The Atkinson

It’s the best of both worlds. Nicely old with lots of original features, while feeling fresh, with a mix of old and new decorations. And new toilets. So important.

Wouldn’t your mood lift if you went to the library and could enter through this elegant foyer?

Foyer, The Atkinson

And who could look at books when there is a ceiling like this?

Library ceiling - The Atkinson

Forgetting about foyers and ornamental ceilings, it is good that someone still spends money on libraries. Not just tolerated, but improved on.

Library, The Atkinson

As for the theatre, I didn’t see the main one, but The Studio where we were was pretty impressive as studios go. We have smaller ones in Manchester…

The Atkinson Studio

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