It was in the post

There’s no escaping the jiffies. There was one waiting for me at this end, and doesn’t it look nice?

Mårten Sandén books in the post

I heard ages ago that Mårten Sandén’s book Ett hus utan speglar was going to be published in English this summer. I am hoping the translation is winging itself over here as I blog (because I was a little late in thinking about this). But so I could see what the original looks like, Mårten very kindly supplied me with a copy. Actually, it was his dad. He’s pretty good at sticking on stamps, wouldn’t you say?

There was also the bonus book Mitzi i mitten, which I read and reviewed here. (Much good it will do you. Or perhaps the translate thingy will do a better job than I tend to think of it doing.)

So, I am looking forward to seeing what Mårten’s A House Without Mirrors will be like when it has been exported. And I will let you know.

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