If it’s a quarter past three,

it must be Africa (Ceuta).

Well no, actually. It’s not. Not even close.

That holiday mobile I mentioned the other day. Not only is it noisy, but it emerged with split time keeping. Having been half an hour out, it arrived here with two lots of time to offer me. The right time. And the wrong time.

The wrong time was labelled London, which was vaguely appropriate. I looked at the phone, but failed to work out how to change it, and hurriedly thrust it into the hands of the Resident IT Consultant. Let him work for his name, I thought.

I am not ashamed of my technical shortcomings. It took him half an hour to decide it is really quite tricky. As soon as it wasn’t 2.15 or London, it was 3.15 in Africa. He accused me of having got an app with peculiar settings.

I didn’t even know the clock could be an app (I have yet to understand this app business), so how could I have imported said app to what is his old phone?

Eventually he said I could call it Gothenburg. I was happy enough with that, even though it is not where I am. It was easier to identify with than Ceuta (which I am sure is a lovely place). Somehow.

But when he made it to be 3.15, we were back in Africa. Goodbye Gothenburg.

After a most lengthy consultancy, I now have a clock showing the correct time, and no place at all.

Perhaps that’s why it is fairly relaxing.

Nowhere witch.

One response to “If it’s a quarter past three,

  1. It’s beyond relaxing. Here I am, mid-morning on a Sunday and I can barely stay awake. This is after a good night’s sleep and a generally slow start.
    Would it be wrong to spend a whole holiday sleeping?

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