Poppy’s little brother

This is the sweetest little book! Maybe not the sweetest ever, in the whole wide world, but so cute! (Apologies for the over-use of !!)

Liz Kessler, Poppy the Pirate Dog's New Shipmate

Liz Kessler’s new Poppy adventure for early readers, Poppy the Pirate Dog’s New Shipmate, with the most adorable little pictures by Mike Phillips, had me literally melting. My hard heart, especially. Oh…

OK, down to business. Poppy is lonely, now that the holiday is over and her children go to school again. When they realise this, they set about remedying the situation immediately. Poppy is promised a little brother.

She starts to dream of her wonderful new life with her spotty Dalmatian baby brother. It’ll be fantastic!

When George arrives, however, he is not spotty. He is ginger. He ‘wasn’t even a dog.’ What a usurping, ginger brat! Cat.

But the humans go out, leaving Poppy and George alone. The inevitable happens.

Oh, it’s so sweet!


One response to “Poppy’s little brother

  1. I know. I know. I’m too old, really. But I love Poppy. And George is adorable.

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