The book I’m reading now

I have to share this with you. Even though you can’t share it. Yet. Even the Resident IT Consultant is having to delay reading, unable to join in. And I bet it’s killing him!

This is a very, very exciting read. You know how publishers have kept finding the next Harry Potter/J K Rowling? Or the person to step into the shoes of Stieg Larsson. And they fail, because it’s a terribly hard thing to do.

Well, I think I have encountered someone who could possibly do a Stieg Larsson (unless you have to be dead to manage it). Not the same. But the same kind of urgency in reading. Similar sort of eye for detail. More thriller than crime. But very, very moreish.

En rasande eld by Andreas Norman was published in Sweden this spring, and it has had pretty favourable reviews. It’s about the EU in Brussels, and MI6 are being very naughty indeed. Written by a diplomat, who knows what he’s talking about. The prose is nothing special, but you don’t need that. What you need is the next page. The next chapter.

I do know it is going to be translated (p8) into English. When is another matter. The title is Into a Raging Blaze. It will be worth waiting for.

Screen Shot 2013-07Andreas Norman, Into a Raging Blaze

Andreas Norman, Into a Raging Blaze


2 responses to “The book I’m reading now

  1. I agree, Andreas Norman should be the next big thing! I loved his first novel and can’t wait to read the next one. Hopefully we’ll meet some of the caracters again. I liked all of them, but Bente Jensen was my favourite. I read somewhere that norman is on leave from the swedish foreign ministry and writing full time. Hope it’s true!

  2. Yes, Bente is a good mix of kind and hard.

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