Bs all round

It makes sense really. Who but Dave Shelton could be awarded the Branford Boase for his lovely – if stained – A Boy and a Bear and a Boat? Your Bookwitch wasn’t present, but that’s at least five Bs to start with, which is plenty.

Or you could make it the Davids, Shelton and (editor) Fickling. The latter must be getting used to winning the Branford Boase along with his new authors. He does it so often.

I won’t pretend to have understood the Boy, Bear, Boat book. It was lovely, but incomprehensible. I particularly liked the stain on the cover.

Dave Shelton, A Boy and a Bear in a Boat

Since I wasn’t there, I will have to make it up. Philip Ardagh was there as usual. (He only stays away when I’m there. Perhaps we take it in turns, Beardy and me?) I believe Jacqueline Wilson did her normal awarding stuff, and there will have been child winners of the Henrietta Branford Writing Competition.

Some, or all, of the other shortlisted writers were there, and while they didn’t have quite such a wonderful evening as Dave did, I’m hoping it was fun anyway. The Branford Boase is one of the most enjoyable events, and I’m sure this was the case yesterday as well. I hope it didn’t rain. My first time was spectacularly wet.

(I considered tweaking [doctoring] some old photos of David Fickling winning, and of Jacqueline Wilson presenting, or Anne Marley or David Lloyd speaking. And then I decided against.)

2 responses to “Bs all round

  1. I don’t think Philip Ardagh was there, in fact. At least I didn’t notice him. Normally you would think that if Philip Ardagh was somewhere then he couldn’t not be noticed, but I spent a good deal of time hiding in a corner discreetly signing and drawing in books so it’s just about possible that he was there and I missed him. David Lloyd definitely wasn’t there, though, because someone said so during the introductions. He was off on a trip somewhere. Fishing in Iceland I think.

    I think all the other nominees had a good time, and the winners of the Henrietta Branford prize were all very wonderful. Philip Pullman was knocking about as well as Jacqueline Wilson and it was all rather joyous and warm (and, no, not wet) – but then I was rather predisposed to enjoy it, it’s true.

  2. Thanks, Dave! I suppose Philip A cheated by posting on Twitter, just pretending to have been there. I noticed Philip P in a photo someone put on Facebook yesterday. Also noticed David L was not in any photos.
    So I was really quite wrong, except about your happiness.
    Congratulations, anyway!

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