The Two-Faced God

What do you know? I have learned even more things I didn’t have a clue about. I almost hesitate admitting this, for fear I sound stupid and uneducated. But you’ll want to know that this fourth book featuring the lovely Threptus is as educational as the other three.

I just love the chickens! They’re not educated or educational, but very wise. I don’t know where Threptus would be if he didn’t listen to Aphrodite. (She’s a chicken.)

This time Caroline Lawrence offers us a ‘faustum annum novum,’ which is New Year (the last book was Christmas), and it is more appropriate than you might think for July. I’ve been considering a new start, and what better way than with a new year?

I had no idea Janus was anything but two-faced. Not that he’s a God, nor that he has given his name to January, because he does his godding at the start of that month.

Threptus’s guardian Floridius needs to earn some money, again, having drunk and gambled the last lot. He offers to read a freshly sacrificed liver for a banker who hears bumps in the night. (Don’t ask.) Trouble is, liver makes him faint. So what can Threptus do to help his dear Floridius? The chicken knows.

It’s nice the way a few simple plot devices work together, making this a very satisfying read. The Two-Faced God ends well. Obviously.

Happy New Year!

Caroline Lawrence, The Two-Faced God


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