Let things change…

You might remember how intolerant of change I am. A witch turns her back on the old country for a mere year and stuff changes! I mean, how very dares it not remain just the way it always was?

We went to the dentist, the Resident IT Consultant and I. Was the dentist still there? Well, you already know he had the temerity to change where the practice is, which really took me by surprise a few years ago. So, was he still there? No, he wasn’t.

The practice had not moved. He had retired. (In fairness, I knew this. But still.) So we allowed ourselves to be poked by someone new. She seems very nice. She had new ideas of what to use on your (well, our) teeth, which in turn made us visit the chemist’s in town.

I pulled on its door with no luck. Looked around, and found they’d halved the premises and the current door was a few feet to the left. I have been shopping in that pharmacy for decades! Admittedly, not very frequently. But still.

The Resident IT Consultant mowed our grass. He also mowed a tree root, and the mower seemed rather unwell afterwards. So we took it to the lawnmower hospital. It was hard to find last time we went there, so I was proud of myself for double checking on the map first. You know what happened, of course. It wasn’t there. We were, but that didn’t help. I phoned, and was told they’d not been there for years. They are now next to The Naughtiness Factory. I knew where that is… Obviously.

Mower was more than unwell, however, and has now been put down.

When doing some shopping in town with Daughter, I found that the supplier of half the ‘public’ toilets had got rid of them (so it was jolly lucky that in my need a little earlier I had chosen to go somewhere else). This is supposedly a touristy sort of town. I wonder where they imagine people will ‘go’ now?

Had been invited round to someone’s house for cheese and wine (I’ve suddenly grown up!) one evening. I’d never been, but ‘knew’ where it was, and that we should look out for the small red cottage. We found it, but I smelled a rat when the garden was full of toys, so tried the cottage next to it. That turned out to be the one, except it’s off-white, and before that it apparently used to be yellow…

Went for elevenses (more like quarter to twelveses, to be honest) at Börjes yesterday morning. And you know what? It was still there. They had moved their shop counter by 90 degrees, however. The Resident IT Consultant had already been to buy bread, so I told him off for not warning me. Seems he did tell me. I have now instructed him to double check I am paying attention when he speaks to me in future.

And because there was a sizeable queue by that very counter, not to mention no parking spaces outside, we drove round ‘downtown’ Harplinge for a few minutes, to let things clear. Daughter required a toyshop. The toyshop of her childhood. We drove past.

You know what had happened. It’s now a pizzeria.

But at least we made the most of that discovery when it was time for dinner.

(I may be premature in writing all this down now, with some time still left in which other changes might be discovered. But I feel strangely optimistic.)


10 responses to “Let things change…

  1. This was clearly the day on which to discuss matters like toilets. The local paper (which, incidentally had changed the way it charges and annoyed me greatly) had a double spread on the changes in town, and especially the ‘department’ store with no toilets. Apparently town will look SO much better soon.
    As for the Resident IT Consultant, he changed too. Outside Börjes, after I realised he was out inside-out, t-shirt wise. I told him he couldn’t whip it off in the middle of the bakery, so he repaired to a spot behind the car.

  2. I think you have a very sensible attitude to change. Bad things must be changed or amended, of course, but generally speaking most of us would be better off, mentally, physically and maybe even economically, in a more constant and predictable world. Including some people who don´t think so now.

  3. I once heard a friend, an otherwise intelligent and rational grown man complain because days changed from longer to shorter and back again. He didn’t understand why they couldn’t just always be one thing or the other. I mean, obviously he did understand the science of it. He just didn’t like the whole set up.

  4. He’s right. Why put up with things just because they happen?

  5. You are giving me a very dangerous motto to live by.

  6. Think how exciting it will be to be totally predictable…

  7. The sheer relentlessness of your catalogue of memory slips was very entertaining but worryingly familiar.

  8. They aren’t memory slips!! People are doing these things to me!!!
    Like, we used to buy paper dolls where we now ‘have to’ buy pizza. And I could have injured myself trying to get through that pharmacy door that was no longer a door (except in appearance).

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