Bookwitch bites #111

Stephen Booth returns to Reading Matters in Chapel-en-le-Frith tomorrow, at 10.30. I’m guessing to sign books in general (mainly his own) and to promote his new Cooper & Fry novel Already Dead. According to Stephen himself, he is not, and never has been, J K Rowling. (I can see these jokes going on for some time.)

Although, to me it’s not so much of a joke that people yet again mind so awfully about J K, that they find it hard to accept that she still writes books, gets them published, and sells some copies on the strength of the young wizard. And some of us just happen to believe she might be worth reading anyway. We can’t simply magic Harry Potter away. He exists. We like him. Some of us will like what comes after Harry because of what it is, and not because it’s got her name on the books. Or not her name, as the case may be.

Another big name, Terry Pratchett, will soon have a new book out, and I can’t help but think he had our family in mind. It’s about trains, and it will be published on somebody’s birthday. Raising Steam arrives on October 24th (unless there are leaves on the track, I suppose). While you wait, there is some kind of iPad map of Ankh-Morpork to be had at half price until the end of the month.

Since I seem interested in making you spend money, let me introduce the Nicola Morgan online shop! Yes, a dream come true for Nicola, where she can play shopkeeper to her heart’s content. So far it’s bags and books, but I’ve been led to understand there could be even more exciting stuff available later. Keep checking in, and keep Nicola in shoes and baked beans.


Meanwhile, I’ve received yet another book in my temporary jiffy receptacle. I’m guessing the postperson doesn’t know how lucky he/she is not to be carting them hither every day or every week. Let’s just hope the senders know when to stop.


5 responses to “Bookwitch bites #111

  1. stephendavies235

    I love the look of Nicola Morgan’s shop – what a great idea!

  2. You’d better have bought something, Steve! A bag, at the very least. You can never have too many hessian bags.

    • I agree about the hessian bags. I do buy them, but when I pass on books to read one of those book bags is handy for the handover, meaning I have to purchase a new one.

      • What a shame…
        Since my decorator indicated I have too many bags, I have taken to getting rid of the bag along with the books, too.
        And Nicola will soon have a new bag which I will simply have to have. The words on it will be new. Not so much the bag.
        And I find if you have to have stuff standing/lying around in your home, then keeping it in a hessian bag makes it look almost elegant.

      • Must remember that! ‘No, I’m not a book-hoarder, I making the room look elegant.’ That’ll wash, I’m sure…

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