Tying the knot

There was never any need for me to doubt the strength of the cake-ribbon knot. I have carried cakes from such a young age, that it simply didn’t occur to me that there could be a mishap. Yes, you could drop the cake. But it wouldn’t be for poor ribbon-tying.

Swedish bakers put fancy cakes and gateaux in a cardboard box, which is then closed with, and given a carrying handle by, a gift type ribbon in a garish colour. Twice one way and once the other and then securely knotted. It looks effortless, but I imagine it’s something they train shop staff to do from day one. Unlike when you wrap a book, you can’t swish the gateaux around.

You can – and should – carry the box by the ribbon.

When we used my local bakers’ 20% off a cake the other week, the Resident IT Consultant carried it in his arms like a baby, until I told him to be normal and grasp the ribbon. He was doubtful, but it worked (even for him). It was then I realised I’d just never had to think about it. I was born to carry cake.

We discussed this, Daughter and I, as we bought another cake a week later. I mean, we discussed it. I’m not saying there was another cake bought. At all. Absolutely not.

Although, it did call out to me, as I went in to buy a loaf of bread. It said ‘I’m a lovely little cake. Buy me and take me home.’

Who could refuse a request like that? And this being a bakers’ coop, I get 10% of it back in coupons for next year’s 20% off a cake (I hope you are keeping up with the percentages?), so really, I had to. It was out of my hands. The decision, not the cake or the box or the ribbon.


3 responses to “Tying the knot

  1. The cake carrying world commends you! But you did buy another cake didn’t you?

  2. Uhm. Yes. I have to admit I did. It was VERY nice.

  3. That is how they wrap cakes in Israeli bakeries too and Jewish delis in New York and such. I know one fact from experience and one from watching movies and episodes of Curb Your enthusiasm.!

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