A dratted cat and a best baby

They can be a pain; babies. And cats. I mean, who’d want them?

Tony Ross, Drat That Cat!

Tony Ross has a new picture book – Drat That Cat! – about a difficult cat. Suzy Cat likes being naughty. She jumps on Granddad and does something unspeakable in Dad’s golf bag. She does things all the time that no one in the family likes.

Then she goes off her food and has to go to the cat hospital. The family all miss Suzy. When she returns home they let her get away with almost anything.

That’s what Suzy had counted on.

: )

Babies are less hairy than cats, but otherwise just about as annoying. In The Best, Best Baby by Anthea Simmons, with adorable baby illustrations by Georgie Birkett, we see what it’s like to suddenly have a little brother. There’s so much they can’t do!

Georgie Birkett and Anthea Simmons, The Best, Best Baby

There’s so much they can do, that you’d rather they didn’t.

But actually, a baby brother isn’t such a bad thing to have after all.

2 responses to “A dratted cat and a best baby

  1. Thank you for the lovely review!

  2. You’re welcome! It’s the right week for all kinds of babies, I feel.

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