Going places

Sarah Garland might have been a regular at Lake Street. That’s where we took Offspring up to three times a week when they were fairly small. I suppose all playschools look similar, but Sarah’s picture board book really took me back.

Then I happened to notice that Going to Playschool, and Going Swimming, were first published in 1990, which explains the authentic ‘period’ feel. Because I felt as if that was my swimming with babies and toddlers experience, too.

These books are absolutely lovely. They should do very well for the really young person who might be about to go and do one of these things. Maybe you can’t read and/or explain in advance, but I imagine that the books would allow you to revisit a place with a child, and that they’d recognise it.

They feature a mother with a baby and a slightly older sibling. The older one knows what she’s doing. It’s the baby you want to watch.

Sarah Garland, Going Swimming

He (I think it’s a he) most certainly does not want to swim. And then he does. And then he doesn’t want to not swim and refuses to leave.

At playschool he does what the older children do, except differently. Very nice detail in the pictures here.

And what’s going on with that rabbit?


One response to “Going places

  1. I used this delighful book with very young children for just the purpose you describe – sharing and encouraging talk about familiar activities. Lots to spot and comment on. I’m a bit sad that the 1990s should be ‘period’ now! I think these books always had a slightly retro feel, even then.

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