Paper napkins, Polaris and piri-piri

There’s a strong smell of piri-piri in the house. Everywhere, but mostly in the kitchen and in my wardrobe. Daughter and I flew with a pair of surprisingly empty suitcases this time. (She had to leave so much behind last month that we need enough space to pack the stuff on this our second attempt.)

But you have to fill a half empty suitcase with something to stop it rattling. I brought a new pillow; large and lightweight. A packet of PG Tips. Other kinds of tea. Paracetamol. (Have you any idea of the price of paracetamol in Sweden???) Dried herbs. And the piri-piri. I will be wearing that fragrance for some time. It’s sort of overpowering. And the kitchen hasn’t quite recovered from the onslaught of the pong, either.

The plane did that very unusual thing (unlike last month’s mega-moan…). It left before its departure time. It arrived well before its arrival time, too. This meant we had plenty of time to catch the first possible train, and we also had time to join the smokers outside to eat our packed lunch. It’s not that we wanted the company of smokers (it was Denmark, so there were a few of them around), but the station at Copenhagen airport has very few seats to offer the weary traveller who has been sitting on a plane for hours. So we went outside and sat in the sunshine, watching cars driving into the underground car park, and breathing in the smoke.

On the train we sat in the pick-your-nose-here zone again.

Once we arrived I went where I almost always go, to Pressbyrån for some milk. They had no milk. Not feeling up to any other shopping we continued ‘home’ milkless.

In our absence the place had played host to our lovely, former Liverpool präst and his family. (That’s the same word as priest, apart from not meaning a Catholic one. I never know what to call him.) I found to my surprise that my paper napkin collection, as well as the pile of used plastic bags had disappeared. (Presumably they went with the recycling.) Oh well. I’ve already started a new collection, although it will be a while until I have quite as many as I did previously.

The pile of books on the piano, however, had not gone, despite me urging my visitors to help themselves. The post yielded a package from Pushkin, which was a bit of a surprise. A book called The Good Little Devil. So that’s more books. And there were two new (I mean old) påslakan (that’s duvet covers) lying around. So, I lost some paper napkins, but gained a pair of duvet covers…

Ever the paparazza, the Photographer engaged us in some post-midnight star picture taking, of the Polaris kind. I found the saucepan hovering right above the roof. While we were pootling around in the dark, the band played on. (Tuesday night is dance night; across the wood.) The power of popular music.

This blog post was brought to you by the letter P.

3 responses to “Paper napkins, Polaris and piri-piri

  1. Ah, I’d wondered about the alliteration! Very good.

  2. I find insanity often strikes while one is ‘on holiday.’ On Sesame Street there was a P episode featuring Peter the Persnickety. Or some such person.

    • I blame it on ‘holiday consciousness’. So many new experiences that in order to cope with overload we attempt to impose order out of the seeming randomness. It’s just that some people are more literary-minded than others!

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