The witch is not for turning

Looks like this post could very slightly be brought to you by the letter R. And if you’re wondering what happened to Q, that would have been yesterday…

There were some rowan berries outside the house, lying in wait for me. Doesn’t rowan ward off witches? I’m just hoping it wasn’t deliberate.

While slouching in my reading chair, I noticed something red streaking down the trunk of one of the pine trees. It moved like a squirrel, but was the colour of a fox. Foxes don’t march down treetrunks upside down. It was a squirrel. Two, actually. Red ones, and much cuter than the rat-like creatures we see at the regular Bookwitch Towers. Daughter got quite excited by the sheer redness of them.

This late in August entertainment is limited. (Squirrels…) While the sun was out we went to ‘Stinky’ for some tea and to stare at the rocks. We caught the bus. It was fine.

We sampled this year’s first – and presumably last – tea at Göstas. We sat under the new roof, half inside, half outside, enjoying our repast. Then it was photos of rocks. It’s nice without all the people. Might have seen the owners of your future duvet swimming around.

Getting the bus back was a different affair. Buses here are usually not (very) late. This one was, and I blamed it on the school run. But as we got on, we couldn’t help noticing various parts of the bus strewn around the interior. Parts that are more commonly found on the outside of buses.

As it was the same bus we’d travelled out on, we concluded the driver must have had an accident while we frolicked on the beach.

It was one of the odd buses, that go in a different direction just before our stop. Which is OK. We just walk home from there instead.

But you guessed correctly. It didn’t. It went the usual route. Except I suspect the poor driver heard his onboard auto-guide mentioning the next stop would be the school. And there was no school where he was heading. The driver asked us if he’d made a mistake.

We said he had. He asked if we could help him reverse the bus. (Honestly! I can’t even drive a car.) It was his first day on this route. So we stood guard while he reversed (have I mentioned that Swedish buses are very large?), and then he was on his way, by now a mere 25 minutes late.

What a day, though! Late. Wrong route. And half the rear of his vehicle missing…

One response to “The witch is not for turning

  1. I swear your posts get more surreal by the day…

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