Skellig is 15

There is a beautiful new edition of Skellig out to celebrate that the book is now 15 years old. David Almond has written many other books, but I’d guess this is the one most people know.

The one with the angel (if that’s what he is) in the garage.

Because David Almond’s books, and this one in particular, are ‘unusual’ I find it hard to talk about plot. Somehow David’s books ‘just are.’ I have never felt I could say I understand them.


But anyway, the anniversary edition is beautifully yellow and clothbound, and arrived all signed and specially belted. Which was nice. The inside has the usual list of quotes, which in this case reads like a who’s who in children’s book reviewing. It also contains some extra pieces written by David, as well as two poems by William Blake.

Back when I first read Skellig, I heard that David was a (former) teacher. I thought at the time that ‘this was really very clever of him’ to be able to write. I think I hadn’t quite cottoned on to the fact that being a teacher is a fairly normal background for authors.

David Almond

But I’m glad he let the baby live.


2 responses to “Skellig is 15

  1. Skellig is a great book.

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