More Than This

Yes, I do think there has to be more. That’s the premise for the new book by Patrick Ness; ‘there’s more out there somewhere, just beyond your grasp.’

This might be a book about death, but there’s a lot of life in it. It is about our reasons for living. 17-year-old Seth takes his own life, but then wakes up somewhere, ‘naked, bruised and thirsty, but alive.’ The question is, what has happened? Is he dead? Or is he alive?

Patrick Ness, More Than This

At first it seems he has ended up in hell. Or perhaps that’s where he used to live, in hell. He recognises things, but nothing is as it was.

The last thing Seth expected when he killed himself was that he’d need to be scavenging for food and clothes once he’d got to where he was going.

There isn’t much I can say about the plot without spoiling it. It is a most unusual story, and one which is really worth reading. It is a book which will make you think. There are elements of sci-fi in there, but I hesitate to call it science fiction. Maybe that’s what hell, or the afterlife, is like?

Seth needs to do a lot of thinking about death, and not just about his own. This book deals more and better with being gay than anything I’ve come across so far. Patrick adds his own knowledge of living in both the US and in the UK, and so much of it rings true.

While reading, I couldn’t work out where this story was going. And now that I’ve finished, I’m still not sure.

Read it, and see what you think.


2 responses to “More Than This

  1. You’ve convinced me to download it. Have you read Crane Wife? A lovely fairy tale.

  2. No, I haven’t. When time shrinks, the adult books are the first to be ignored.

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