The Ghost Prison

It’s a really good idea to launch a book in the place that first inspired its author to write the story. That’s what happened yesterday at Lancaster Castle, for Joseph Delaney’s new book The Ghost Prison.

Joseph Delaney, The Ghost Prison

Unfortunately I wasn’t there. (That’s because I am now here, travelling at great speed – it’s those Pendolinos – past that very castle, just to be on the safe side. I’m going to Bloody Scotland, and to chase ghosts round a dark old castle the night before just got too much in the end…)

Besides, there is a witch in this book. And not one of your friendly neighbourhood ones.

The Ghost Prison is a great little story, although possibly best enjoyed in full daylight. I first read it as part of the Andersen anthology Haunted almost two years ago. It features Billy, who is a young orphan and who has just started working as a prison guard at the castle. Then someone requests him for night duty…

I’ll say no more.

I’ve not heard back from the launch. I hope it went not only well, but that everyone who was there emerged safe and sound at the end. As I said, it’s good to get into the spirit of things, but you could take it too far.

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