Church of the Holy Rude

I took the day off. And so did Helen Grant. We went to look at the Church of the Holy Rude (which is not rude at all), up next to Stirling Castle. They have stained glass and carved heads and stuff, which is the kind of thing Helen likes.

Church of the Holy Rude

So on a day when she didn’t write her next book, Helen walked round the church and photographed everything, while I did what I do best; sat down and rested. We had elevenses before, and a spot of lunch after. Looking at stained glass takes a lot out of a person.

Church of the Holy Rude

They wouldn’t let Helen climb the tower. After all, she might have ‘killed’ someone up there.

2 responses to “Rude

  1. There’s a kind of stark beauty in the bare grey stone that almost Calvinist. Hard now to imagine what it must have been like in pre-Reformation times when there would be have been colourful paintings on the plaster-covered walls. And probably a rood screen to echo the cross or ‘rood’ after which the church is named.

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