Wardrobe work

‘We had toast for breakfast. That’s why there is no internet!’ So said Son when he found the laptop refusing to perform to his expectations. (Plugs sharing the same socket, I gather.)

Do you remember my desk in the wardrobe? Now it seems as if the next generation is destined to work in another ex-wardrobe. The new flat Son and Dodo bought is nice but small. As well as the bare necessities it has – or had – a walk-in wardrobe. But this is no more, after Son demolished its wardrobeness and painted it to match the adjoining hall.

The future office

The Resident IT Consultant and I brought a car load of books and Ivar shelves, a desk-chair and a makeshift desktop to use as, well, as a desktop. In the ex-wardrobe. It looks a bit cell-like, and if you feel that the old telescope is surplus to requirements (for a small office), then you are quite right. It is going to the observatory – obviously – in St Andrews, but had to temporarily exit the car while this transported rubbish to the tip, to avoid being accidentally disposed of.

Books for charity

Along with the wardrobe office the new home also came with a shed. The shed came with a lot of unwanted stuff, some of which went straight to the tip and some to Oxfam. By special good fortune we had an Oxfam book specialist with us, and we put her to work on sorting the books from the shed. Her being of a Grandmotherly sort of age, we carried a stool out for her to sit on in the autumn sunshine.

Pullman and Pratchett

Meanwhile, Dodo unpacked Son’s precious Philip Pullmans and Terry Pratchetts, and they fitted nicely in the bookcase formerly owned by the student Grand-father. (Apparently they have an ambition to actually use – some – furniture that is not IKEA. Quaint idea.)

The office

Towards the end of the day Son got his new tools out and attached legs to the desktop. Then he had to take two of them off again in order to get the ‘desk’ into the wardrobe. Then put them back on, after which Dodo had to crawl in under the desk to adjust the height.

But by the time we left, there was a fledgling office waiting to be worked in! Not bad for a day that started with toast.

2 responses to “Wardrobe work

  1. I very much like the idea of a cocoon-like cell for a study — I used to have one in Bristol which I miss now I have a large loft space for my books — only this one looks as though it could do with a Fra Angelico fresco on the wall.

  2. It could, you know. Just don’t see Son as a Fra anything kind of person.

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