30 seconds from home (that’s a lot less than 24 hours from Tulsa) the police caught up with us. It was nothing too serious.

Son’s 21st birthday went almost un-noticed. He spent it having lunch with the Retired Children’s Librarian. As you will have seen from yesterday’s post we spent his sister’s 21st with him (rather than with the birthday girl herself), so I suppose that almost makes up for it?

One day late, we drove across Fife to eat too much cake. In fact, it was such an excessively cakey day I don’t think I can let on how much we ate.

Anyway, we began by donating our ancient telescope to Daughter’s place of learning, in what can only be described as our version of passing the parcel. The telescope was never un-wanted. Just that little bit too cumbersome. A former toy of the Resident IT Consultant’s grandfather and older siblings, it has been passed back and forth between family members.

The Grandmother and I waited in the Physics department while the donating was being carried out (it was raining, which feels so wrong for Fife). Daughter might have felt we were a slight embarrassment – even though we had come to celebrate with her – but I pointed out that the only Physics graduate present was the Grandmother. Actually.

After the ‘doning’ we had toast, to mop up the first lot of cake. After that we had more cake. There was also a half eaten cake in her kitchen from the day before…


While Daughter toasted, the Resident IT Consultant put the finishing touches to her Ivar, which is much smaller than Son’s and is not a stack of wooden wine cases after all.

Post-cake I read Dragon Loves Penguin to Daughter, despite the fact that she knows how to read. In return she foisted a bag full of books on me to take home. I can understand that. Her Ivar really has very little room left.

Without feeling all that hungry we repaired to our usual eating place, meeting up with Son and Dodo as well as the two AstroSoc dignitaries that the Resident IT Consultant wanted to grill (albeit not for food purposes). We ate some more, and Son ordered all the extra three for twos on the menu. Or so it seemed.


Us oldies finished off by coming along to Daughter’s little gathering at the cinema, where we had crisps and cupcakes to offer. There must have been something wrong with those students. They hardly touched the free ‘food.’

When the time came for the film, they all obeyed as Son announced – loudly – that they should toddle off towards the auditorium, but still they wanted no cake. Or crisps.


So here we are, still un-arrested. Cupcake anyone?

4 responses to “21sts

  1. Can’t wait to hear what happened next. Bookwitch, you are teasing us!

  2. Did you want a cupcake, or not?

    Not too much to say. Somehow the brake lights had gone funny and the police put on their flashing blue lights to warn us, and to issue a pink slip. But between the police station where their van came out and our side street where we turned off, it can’t have been more than a few seconds. Quick work.

  3. Oh dear, I was hoping for a witty blow-by-blow account in your next post…

    The police can be funny about that sort of thing. Better half once got stopped because the brake light cover had been broken — possibly from someone’s poor parking, parking space being at a premium in Bristol — and the over-zealous (viz aggressive) officer claimed he’d driven for half a mile behind and had been “blinded” by it. Poor sensitive soul. (The officer, I mean.)

    Oh, and I will have a cupcake, please. One with a sprinkle of nuts on, please.

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