Spies in Disguise

Boy in Tights is not exactly about how real spies behave. At least I hope not. Joe suddenly finds that his ultra-boring and cautious parents are spies. With only minutes to spare they have to flee their home and set off on high speed car chases to shake off their pursuers.

Kate Scott, Boy in Tights

As if that’s not unreal enough, once they get to their new home Joe discovers he will have to live as Josie and wear pink dresses and other awful things that his father has bought for him. What was the mother thinking? She should have overseen her son’s makeover into a girl. There is nothing so strange as bad taste crossover dressing.

It’s really quite funny the discoveries Joe, pardon, Josie, makes once he’s wearing those ghastly tights. Girls are different! They behave in an alien fashion. They talk instead of punching each other. They go to the toilet together. The girls in his class even invite him to join them in playing.

But it’s not just the parents that are weird. Joe-sie finds a mystery on his new doorstep, so to speak, and with the help of a new friend – a girl! – he embarks on the mis-use of his parents’ spy toys.

Can he do it before his own secrets are discovered, or before that blond wig of his falls off?

This is really silly. But fun in the ‘girls are different from boys’ sense. And these days everyone plays football.

2 responses to “Spies in Disguise

  1. Hey you’ve got me going on this one! Definitely reading it. Was it illustrated? Because if it is, I’m not buying it on the Kindle. Illustrations look terrible on ebooks.

  2. There ARE pictures, but in this case I’d say the Kindle would be OK. Especially as you are no longer ten years old and needing to be persuaded to Read A Book.

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