Little Witches

Little WitchesI have found the perfect little book for your Halloween reading. It’s Rhiannon Lassiter’s Little Witches Bewitched, a collection of five short stories about two little witches.

Rhiannon Lassiter, Little Witches Bewitched!

While it’s all very well to get into the spirit of things this time of year, I have to admit to preferring sweet spooky, to terribly frighteningly spooky. And that’s what you get in this brand new ebook, which celebrates Halloween tomorrow by being available for a mere £1.53. I’m telling you about it today, because I want your trigger fingers to be ready to go.

Dulcie is 11 and she wants to be a witch. When out trick-or-treating she meets Verity who is 12 and while she didn’t exactly want to be a witch to begin with – especially not one wearing pirate’s boots from the dressing-up box – she soon changes her mind. Through a slight ‘mishap’ the two girls actually become real witches, albeit only little witches.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable collection of stories, and since I don’t want to spoil it for you, I will say no more. Except, you meet some fun characters, and these are two quick-witted witches. Small, but brave.

5 responses to “Little Witches

  1. Thank you for welcoming the Little Witches on to your blog and for the lovely review. You and your visitors are all invited back to my blog tomorrow for a Halloween launch party.
    Come to for Halloween fun, games and competitions.
    Thanks again for the warm welcome here on your beautiful blogspace. I love your rainbow of books.

  2. I’m hoping for orange coloured cupcakes. Please tell me there will be cupcakes!

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  4. Oh yes, cupcakes… how about these?

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