Something Worth Doing

I have a cunning plan. I will go to Elizabeth Wein’s house and by some nifty use of force I will make her write some more about those girls – young women – who flew planes so bravely in WWII. I need more, and I need it now, but am prepared to wait. A little.

What convinced me of this (even more than before, I mean) was reading Elizabeth’s short story Something Worth Doing. It is set in the same world as Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire. Its main character is someone who popped up in CNV, although I barely noticed him. Her. Both of them.

Theo (who is a girl) takes her dead younger brother’s identity and goes off to war to fly Spitfires, because that is the kind of thing girls in Elizabeth’s stories do. She does it well – naturally – and she is as loveable as Maddie and Queenie and Rose.

This story came to me in a roundabout sort of way (technical trouble occurred) and I am actually a little hazy as to how it is available. I think that if you buy CNV as an ebook now, you get it as an extra. Along with videos of Elizabeth, and her war memorabilia. Nah, maybe not an ebook. Something more like an iBook, perhaps. (I’ll have to get back to you on this…)

Anyway, I reckoned with my technical hiccough that the story was what mattered, because I have met Elizabeth and I have seen some of her collection. (Interview here.)

So, actually, I am in difficulties here, because I don’t know how to get this story to you, or you to it. But if you loved CNV, you will love this. Small, but perfectly formed.

(OK, I found this: ‘enhanced ebook, available on the iBook store for £6.99’ and that almost explains it.)

2 responses to “Something Worth Doing

  1. Jenny Hayes - Egmont UK

    Thank you for your lovely review! Just to clarify, Something Worth Doing is a short story that comes as part of the bonus material in the new enhanced ebook of Code Name Verity. It’s available on the iBook store for £6.99.

  2. a cunning plan indeed! Thanks for the review and shout-out!

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