Floral crossings

The doorbell rang and the Resident IT Consultant jumped into service. I suppose he always hopes there will be something or somebody nice there, as he flings the door open. I heard some conversation and the door closed again and I continued with what I was doing. Couldn’t tell you now what that was. Blogging, perhaps.

Considerably later, as I reached the kitchen, I found these lovely flowers. (I suppose he thought I’d somehow divine there’d be flowers wanting attention. But at least they hadn’t died.) They were from Little Flower and her cousin Ark.

Flowers in vase

A little before this doorbell event, the Resident IT Consultant had called out asking what was to happen to the bags. ‘What bags?’ I almost shouted back. It’s not as if the house isn’t full of them. But I realised he meant the bags full of books, waiting to walk across the road. It was the latest batch of picture books, which I’d finished with and reckoned would find more love and purpose with Little Flower and Ark. And I hoped – rightly as it turned out – that by standing in the hall, they’d get attention, and a lift.

Poppy card

Since we were tidying the house (he’s got really quite good at seeing some things which need doing now!) he skipped across the street immediately, and apparently told the bemused Grandparents that I wanted a tidy house so they’d better take these bags.

Which will be why they ‘retaliated’ with flowers soon after.

It’s really not necessary.

But nice.

(The card is there because Little Flower signed it herself.)

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