Emily is back

Did you read Anne of Green Gables first? And when you’d read all the Anne books and was desperate for more, did you welcome Emily? That’s what I did.

L M Montgomery’s Emily trilogy is nowhere near as well known – or talked about – as those about our favourite redhead. But they are that marvellous thing; further reading by someone whose other books made you want more.

When you’re young (if you had the sense to read these books as a child – unlike me) you won’t know as much, so finding sequels and prequels and ‘new’ series by any author is like finding hidden treasure. The older reader might have heard of the other books, so will be expecting them. Or they will be aware that more books are a distinct possibility (unless the author’s name is Harper Lee, perhaps).

(When I was very young I was delighted to find Barbara Cartland had written more books than the ones I’d come across…)

I have no way of knowing if Anne is better than Emily. I don’t believe so. I was pretty old when I found the Emily books, and was mostly past the stage when you re-read like crazy.

L M Montgomery - The Emily trilogy

But I find myself wanting to, now that there is a new edition of all three Emily books. The covers are fabulous, and I can see how my hand is reaching out to stroke them, a little. I’m hoping the covers will tempt many new readers to try them, and perhaps seduce a mother, or grandmother, into buying the books for a girl close to them. (I’m really not trying to be sexist here…)

4 responses to “Emily is back

  1. I loved these books as a kid, though Jane of Lantern Hill is my favorite of LM Montgomery’s novels. I hope a new generation embraces Emily as well. 🙂

  2. They are really pretty editions. I want them even though I already have and love my Emily books.

  3. This is a hard one. Keep the old ones you read and loved, or go for the new and pretty book covers? Or both? Takes too much room. With my beloved Mary Stewarts in the end I decided on my old ones, because there were so many memories, not just the reading, but the buying. And everything.
    But here I want to be that girl walking through the snow.

  4. I re-read Emily of New Moon recently and it was just as good as I remembered. Love these new covers.

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