How many?

165, if my calculations are to be trusted. Mind you, some of them are picture books and occasionally I read five of them in one teabreak.

The most popular question after ‘why did you start blogging?’ is ‘how many books do you read?’ How long is a piece of string? No, they don’t tend to ask about string.

The 165 books are also best considered minus the two guest reviews, where possibly (I can’t remember any longer) I didn’t read the book in question. And the numbers are for 2013 up until yesterday. Unfortunately I don’t know how many more there will be before ‘the ball drops off the seal’s nose’ twenty days from now. A few more. Also, I have one or two posts I prepared earlier, and I’ve obviously read those books. So it’s more.

That’s a book roughly every two days. (Let’s not forget the speed of picture books.) I can easily spend a week on a normal novel; i.e. one that is 400 pages or more. Usually I get the question on a bad day when I’ve not read for several days and the last finished book lasted ten days and I can’t remember what it was. Because that’s what the next question will be.

Just yesterday I was struggling to come up with both title and author of a book. On the other hand, I could picture it in my mind and knew precisely what happened.

So, was that the sort of thing you wanted to know? I doubt I’ll be able to ‘improve’ much on these figures, unlike the long distance runner. Counting those picture books, I average three a week. Please remember that. Because I won’t.

(And the answer to ‘have you read any good books lately?’ will be ‘yes.’ Elaboration might prove harder, though.)

Green book spines


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