Who loves Sara Paretsky?

I was about to say it’s the good people of Cheadle Hulme.

Let me tell you why. Back when the Bookwitch clan actually bought each other Christmas presents, and we’d settled on only buying from charity shops, I soon learned what you could expect to find in different shops in different parts of town.

It was during my I-must-collect-all-Sara-Paretsky’s-novels days, and you don’t find them just anywhere, you know. But Oxfam in Cheadle Hulme seemed to be a reliable supplier of V I Warshawski’s adventures. During one visit I found some books there, and then discovered that if I went back again later, I’d be reasonably likely to find another one. Or two. (Because, obviously, I forgot all about buying for other people when I saw them. I just bought for me. Me, me, me.)

So I reasoned that the people nearby must be Paretsky fans. (But if they are, why on earth were they giving the books away?) Maybe, the fans are actually to be found in my neighbourhood, say, because our local charity shops never have any Warshawski.

They do have a lot of Carl Hiaasen novels, however. I used to think that I was surrounded by lovers of Carl’s books, but now I’m thinking that this is also incorrect. If they love him, surely they would keep him? And not let me buy almost a complete collection.

Well, no one is going to get my Sara Paretsky books! Especially not the family, seeing as how we’ve turned so Scrooge-like that we have said there’ll be no presents at all in 2013.

We just haven’t quite worked out how to fill that time-gap on Christmas Eve. Eat some more, perhaps?


2 responses to “Who loves Sara Paretsky?

  1. Laugh out loud! First, the decision to buy all Christmas gifts from charity shops. Well, we’re not there yet, but moving that way on a voluntary basis. Second the obsessive hunt for a particular author. I remember when staying with mother-in-law, a Sunday morning spent trawling every charity shop in Altrincham (nearly all of them were open) for a copy of “The Lifeboat” by Charlotte Rogan. I found one, and a Neil Gaiman to top things off. (You rarely find a Neil Gaiman in a charity shop). Then I laughed at “Me, me, me,!” Yupp, I know that feeling. But a last sad note – no gifts at all? We’re not there yet, although Mr Bookblog and I each buy our own and I wrap up both of them!

  2. I used to get most of them in the Altrincham shops. Lots of good things, and plenty of charity shops in a small area. It’s where I searched for one particular Val McDermid to give the Resident IT Consultant one year. By the end I’d encountered four copies.
    Found some Marimekko glasses in one shop, but unfortunately the assistant knew what they were, so they cost a bit. (That’s Altrincham for you!)
    We have moved in the direction of no gifts for some time. We are not good with gifts, except to ourselves. More than one person suffers nervous breakdowns over what to get the others, and so we are testing the no gift version to see what we think. (Don’t tell anyone, but I found a rather nice thing for me the other day.)

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