In the absence of a note from Mother-of-witch, I shall briefly mention the medicinal Coke.

(In other words, whereas the dog – which I don’t have – didn’t eat my homework, I am under the weather.)

A couple of years ago when Son brought some Indian gastroenteritis home and shared it generously, I decided that to avoid having to send the wellest member of the family to the shops for some Coke in times of distress, it would be a good idea to keep some at home. Purely for medicinal purposes.

So we did. We do. No need for it during the 22 months or so since that time. Until Friday morning. I was pleased to remember it. I was less pleased to remember it’s actually been stored in the cellar (like a good wine…). And I was doing the unwell home alone.

I pondered phoning the neighbours and asking if they felt like making a visit to my cellar, but in the end I came to the conclusion that the explaining might take as much out of me as that trip downstairs. So I walked down, taking great care and swearing a little and promising that in future I will store the medicinal Coke in my wardrobe. With a glass.

Have to say that I improved much more speedily once I had ingested a few mugs of the vile stuff (like medicine should be).

And whereas I’m better, I do not have the brain capacity to actually blog.


6 responses to “Medicinal

  1. My mom used to prescribe ginger ale on the same sort idea. Coke was a bit beyond the pale. All speed on your recovery.

  2. Hope you get well very soon!

  3. Many years ago I heard that Coke was used for malaria. I’m not surprised.
    Seana, my mother swore by Coke. And she was generally such a good person, too.

  4. Sorry. Confused American here. I’m reading your post and thinking ‘medicinal Coke?’ Other than the not so legal coke, the only medicinal version I was familiar with (intimately) is accompanied by cheap rum or bourbon. I enjoy your humor! Glad you are better, and looking forward to your braincells following soon.

  5. For goodness’ sake, David! And here I was so proud I’d made it capital letter Coke, since last time I blogged about coke, Seana suggested I meant that other thing you seem to be so well acquainted with. Also trying not to mention specific brands. My personal favourite is Cuba Cola, as found in Scandinavia. But that’s not what was in my cellar.

  6. Poor you! Get well soon and I hope Coke does the trick.

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