Love those houses

Still in Valentine mode, I could mention houses to fall in love with. No, I lie, I’m not into Valentine at all, but you need to be ‘topical.’

We saw some nice houses yesterday. It could have been love. Who knows?

And I’m reminded of the rather well preserved 1930s house the Resident IT Consultant and I visited at the beginning of time, or soon afterwards. It belonged to his former English teacher, and right now I’d be very happy to buy it, were it for sale. That was the occasion when I was given a lovely old copy of that wonderful teen romance, Daddy-Long-Legs.

Speaking of history, it’s what the Resident IT Consultant served up in one of the houses we looked at. It happened to be right behind the house he grew up in. Mere yards – I mean metres – from the corner of their garden, where he slept in a box in a caravan, while the house was being built. I’m not up to primitive stuff like that. And at least he didn’t claim to have walked barefoot to school. Even if he did.

We’ll look at some more houses today, but I’m sure they can’t beat yesterday’s. Although, I suppose it’d be good if they did. It would mean there’s plenty of good prospective Bookwitch Towers out there.

I have to own up to having built custom made bookcases (in my mind) in every house we viewed. Some were better than others. Could I fall for a house that doesn’t have good walls for books?

I’ll keep you posted.

4 responses to “Love those houses

  1. If you are going to fall for a house, you’ll know it.

  2. Yes. Probably.
    Our current house was only our second choice, and for over 25 years I’ve wondered why it wasn’t our first. (I know, it was so large and imposing that I felt we were not grown-up enough for it, coming from a small cottage.)

  3. I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for being so ‘real’.

  4. You’re very kind. But I’m a witch, so pretty unreal…

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